Card casino counting executive online gambling in jamaica The casino is also honeycombed with additional cameras that cover the slots, cage and general casino area. All the dealer does is push buttons. Would you say that it's still as relative as ever?

The fact is very few gamblers even attempt to learn how to play perfect basic strategy, much less card counting. The throngs should start pouring in any minute. I have been asked many times about advanced play techniques and I plan to cover these approaches in more detail in the near future. This is great stuff if you work for a casino but it's not information that advantage players want the casinos to know. Card casino counting executive Bill do Bill do you believe blackjack internet sites are visited by far more casino employees then say 5 years ago. A Zman If youpeople had only seen some of the stupid things casino exec have done over the last several years you would be surprised. Are the rules online anywhere?

Browse through different blackjack strategies and card counting books, Advantage Play for the Casino Executive and his most recent book. Bill Zender, author of Card Counting for the Casino Executive, How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack, and Pai Gow Without Tears June 1. In Casino-ology 2, Zender again confronts the gaming world's status quo, bringing The author of Card Counting for the Casino Executive here presents a book.